Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Zen and the Art of English Paper Piecing

I have been working hard  to complete my quilt as you go sampler quilt. This has meant joining each block to one another, then each row to one another, joining the batting with herringbone stitch...am very good at this now!.....and the backing with a slip stitch as in applique. I have just added the border and now need to add the final strips of batting and backing fabric to the reverse of the border. I'm using the method suggested in Lynne Edwards' The Essential Sampler Quilt Book.

As a change from this, in the evening, I am sewing together a whole lot of pink batik hexagons to make a bookwrap. It's very mindful and calming stitching, so I recommend it for relaxing, with some good music or your favourite podcast.


  1. Just checking that I have fixed being a no response blogger. Didn,t realise!

  2. Have so enjoyed your blog - nice to hear from a learner-quilter for a change. I made my first one last year, but use the patterns in my ceramics work mostly. Will be back to see how your adventures take shape! xCathy

  3. Hello Cathy, and thanks for your lovely comment! I must say, your ceramic work is beautiful and how clever of you to use those wooden blocks to create designs. Myself and DH are visiting my brother and his wife in Norfolk in a couple of weeks and it is our plan to move there eventually.