Thursday, 3 October 2013

Never ending or beginning...

After cutting out and pressing 256 half square triangles for the Windmill Quilt pattern from Moda Bakeshop, my mind is certainly spinning round in circles!  And then I had to trim each one to exactly 4.5" square.

First each patterned layer cake was sewn across a marked diagonal to a Kona solid 'snow' layer cake right sides facing. i also marked the vertical and horizontal lines ready for accurate cutting

Which, when cut,  produced  half square triangles

Of which there were 256 !!

Which then had to trimmed to exactly 4.5 " which took ages,

I then matched pairs together and have begun to join them to make the main blocks

Which was when I realised that every little 4.5" block had a pint to match up!  So I took my time, which I like to do anyway....I'm all for slow stitching, by hand or machine.....and used this opportunity to practise pinning and matching points, and haven't done too badly so far. The method I use is to insert a very thin 'anchoring' pin at a 90 degree angle to the fabric and then come in low with another pin making sure the point of this comes out at the point you inserted the anchoring pin, ensuring you know where the point is when you sew the seam.

And a happy by-product of this project was some spare layer cake squares which I  used to make a nice fat, heavy  pin cushion filled with rice and tied with embroidery thread. 

And it's Brit Sewing Thursday too!


  1. Very nice points they are too. Visiting from Brit linky.

  2. Oh my word! I am in love with your perfectly matchy points.
    And your pincushion is fantastic - did you follow a tutorial? I'd love to make a few of those myself.
    Thanks for linking up this week xxxx

  3. Trimming all those squares must have taken ages!
    And your points are so perfect!! I'm far too slapdash to ever get them looking right!!!

  4. Totally worth the effort to cut carefully and trim those squares - you will be happy that you did. My trick for matching those miserable intersection points is to carefully match them but not pin then just sew about a cm - a bit on each side of the intersection and then check it - if good I go ahead and sew the full seam, if not there is only a bit to rip. Sometimes pinning can alter the placement of the points.

  5. I love HST quilts and I'm constantly amazed by how they can be arranged in so many ways to create such a variety of quilts. (I'm also very impressed with how lovely and neat yours look lined up!) Thanks for linking up!

  6. It's looking really lovely and you are very brave to post close-ups of your stitching, but it is all perfect, so why not! Was just looking at that hairdryer in the bedroom of Nuffield Place - took me straight back to my childhood! We had one just like it in a cream colour, xCathy