Saturday, 25 January 2014

Turning Japanese

With the New Year, thoughts turn to endings as well as beginnings. While looking forward to starting some new projects in the pipeline, I am focusing this month on endings, namely finishing current WiPs.

I revisited the Mood Indigo quilt - log cabin blocks which I pieced last year - sewed these together and, inspired by the recent Sashiko workshop I went along to, I backed this with dark blue fabric and am sashiko stitching it with a circular design. So it will be a coverlet rather than a quilt.

The inspiration for this came from both the lovely Kasuri fabric by Moda, and from reading about Japanese "boro", clothes and household textiles, heavily repaired with scraps and layers and stitched into, sometimes with simple lines of running stitch, or with beautiful sashiko embroidery designs.

Taking this idea further, I used the  left over scraps and strips of fabric from the log cabin top and tacked them onto a long  piece of indigo cotton and am stitching into it with long lines of running stitch in white and navy sashiko thread. This slow stitching is so meditative, I end up in a zen - like calm...very appropriately given the Japanese theme!

This, my own version of boro, will do very nicely for my Guild's "That Darned Hole" project where we have to produce a piece of work in any technique, inspired by that title.  I have sent for some lovely lighter toned Japanese fabric from the Sansui collection by Makower which I will use to bind this with a view to making a wall hanging. Sansui means 'mountain and water' and is a perfect description for this gorgeous collection,

Fabric from Sansui Collection by Makower. Sashiko thread

I am using more of the left over Kasuri fabric to make Suffolk Puffs (yo-yos). Myself and a friend are running a workshop next week for our Guild on making a brooch from Suffolk puffs and buttons or beads. The Kasuri collection makes lovely puffs and I am using self-cover buttons to sew into the centre of each one. I am hoping to make enough to create some kind of wall hanging.

I am enjoying my slow stitching, but now that my order for more curved safety pins has arrived I need to finish pin basting DH's Manchester City of process and progress soon.

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  1. Gorgeous gorgeous - I love old sashiko patchwork. Love your Suffolk puffs too.

  2. Gorgeous work Rose! I love those indigo colours and we must be on the same wavelength as I have just done a ceramic bowl in similar tones. I am not a sewing person, but I just love the little Puffs and think even I could have a go at those! xCathy