Friday, 9 May 2014

Appliqué, Star blocks, cross stitch revisited

The small appliqué quilt  is finished. I used this pattern by Lori Smith, called Pinwheels in my Garden  to practice the freezer paper and starch method. Joanna from Fig Tree & Co. explains this method  here.

This little quilt was also an experiment in making small blocks accurately. I followed the pattern and cut the small squares precisely to make HSTs and generally this was successful. Next time I think I will cut the squares larger and trim them down to size. I could do this with the pinwheels, but they worked out OK, mostly!

Pinwheels in my Garden 16" x 22"
Meanwhile, I have started another quilt. these are the star blocks for the "Stars to Freedom" quilt pattern by Carol Hopkins in her lovely book, Civil War Legacies - quilt patterns for reproduction fabrics.  

Central block
And the four corner blocks,

The quilt looks like this, and involves a lot of small HSTs, which, this time, I will cut larger than required and trim!!

So that I have some slow hand stitching in the evenings, I have taken up my cross stitch sampler, which I began a good 5 or 6 years ago,

And as a bonus, while I was re-organising my embroidery threads for this project I came across a lovely free printable download  at alteredartifacts blog for a selection of  lovely vintage card thread keepers. Just scroll down the free printables until they appear.

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  1. I love your small quilt! I've thought about using the same method of making the hst's bigger and then trimming them down to size. Your embroidery project looks like a lot of fun to work on in the evenings.