Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Weaving and weathervanes - The American Museum in Britain Part 2

As promised, here are some highlights from the amazing Folk Art collection at the American Museum. 

Nine Patch quilt 1850

'Union 'hooked rug c. 1865 (behind glass)
Hooked rug 19th century (behind glass)

Washington 'Justice and Peace' 19th cent. printed panel

Hasbrouck House, Washington's HQ. Painting 1840

Shop sign

Weaving Loom

Wooden Painted eagle 1860-1890 Attr. to
itinerant carver Wilhelm Schimmel

Dummy Board . 1830

Rooster weathervanes

Folk Art is an interesting 'label' and is often also called  'naive', 'primitive' or 'outsider' art, among other terms. It's really quite fascinating. For anyone interested there is a current exhibition of British Folk Art at the Tate Britain, which will then tours from September to Compton Verney Gallery near Warwick, which itself has an amazing collection of British Folk Art, including quilts and samplers, which I managed to visit on my return from Bath and London. 

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